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Some words from our clients

“I have worked as an RN in many inpatient and outpatient settings over the last 30 years. I am currently a nurse educator and collaborate with hospital leadership to provide quality clinical and non-clinical education for nurses. One of the most popular educational requests during the last few years is to help nurses find strategies to improve their well being and resilience. I learned about Dr. Olpin’s Stress Release course and have referred several nurses and nurse leaders to this course. From an educational perspective, the course is well designed and provides a research-based approach to help nurses managing stress and to improve their resilience. The online course has clear learning objectives, engaging and interactive content and is interesting. It has made a difference for me and the nurses I have referred to the course.”
Jodi W.
“I am in my final year of nursing school. I have wanted to be a nurse for as long as I remember. I love everything about nursing school especially learning about the nursing process and patient care best practices. Going to my clinicals during the pandemic was intimidating and caused a lot of anxiety. I would wake up the day of my clinical and would feel panicky. My clinical instructor told me about the Stress Release course and I signed up. The course helped me understand what causes my stress and gave me specific techniques for managing my stress and anxiety. I think all nursing students should be required to take this course—it has made a huge difference for me.”
Jessica S.
“I have been a RN for over 15 years and have worked in the ICU for seven years. The last few years have been a challenge for me and my family. I took a short leave of absence because balancing my work and family responsibilities with COVID was just too much. I went back to the ICU-PRN last summer. This time I have looked for tools and resources to help me. I have found some great books and podcasts. A friend from nursing school recommended the Stress Release course-Dr. Olpin had taught a seminar at the hospital she worked at. The course has provided a unique way to manage stress and has helped me keep more balanced. I like that I can take the course using my phone.”
Amanda H.
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